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travel directions

District Road D1268
Connecting to the C21 from Kalkrand
Connecting to the C20 from Marienthal.

GPS Coordinates

Route Description
Windhoek > Intu Afrika (250 km):

- Drive from Windhoek on the B1 South towards Rehoboth (90km)
- Continue from Rehoboth to Kalkrand (100km)
- Turn left just before Kalkrand on the C21 and follow 45km.
- Turn right on the D1268 and follow for 15km.
- You will come to the gate of Intu Afrika on your right hand-side.

Marienthal > Intu Afrika ( 60 km):

- Drive from Marienthal on the B1 direction Windhoek (5 km)
- Turn right on the C20 (20km)
- Turn left on the D1268 (35km)
- The gate will be on your left.


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